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Personalised learning can help your child

Personalised learning is customising education for each student and their strengths. Personalised learning isn’t just working on your own but also in groups where possible. This method is used in some form in the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Finland.

Personalised learning in Australia?

Here in Australia we are also starting to look at personalised learning. This was explored in the Gonski report. It the importance of having personalised learning strategies to improve school outcomes.

The ACT government policy states that the education system will be personalised for each child. It is also being looked at in NSW as a trial. Some educators believe it isolates children and risks them being over-reliant on technology. However, it does depend on how the personalised instruction is implemented.

What does this look like in practice?

This type of learning means the curriculum is tailored to each student’s interests and needs. Students do get a say though in how and what they learn. An example would be an assessment task where a teacher makes the questions in such a way that the student accesses the relevant data but it is the student that directs how the project proceeds. Reports are then gathered on the students’ strengths, needs, passions and interests.

A benefit of this is that teachers can be flexible about how students learn and the time and pace in which they do their learning. Students do projects instead of essays. They research topics they are interested in to extend their knowledge about real-life matters. Focus is on critical thinking, social action, collaborative learning, cultural understanding and communication.

Assessments are no longer grade based, but proficiency based. Teachers look at whether students are learning properly and if they are meeting certain standards. This way of learning is relaxed and less stressful. It allows students to be themselves.

How long before this is seen in our schools?

Personalised learning will take time to roll out in schools. It may be hard to get students interested in a different approach to learning. It may also increase teacher workloads. Personalised learning has to potential to prepare students who are self-regulating and self-motivated for life way beyond school.

Tutoring Services Sydney work to personalise each students learning for their needs. Whilst we must stick to the curriculum we aim to make the work interesting enough to capture student’s attention and work on their weaknesses to assist them to excel. Give us a call or message us today to find out more how we can assist your child.

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