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Trials are over but not the HSC race - don't give up!

So the trials for HSC are over. Did you do great? NO! Don’t worry. It’s the trials that are over. Not your HSC and it’s not too late. The trials are designed to be much harder than you expect. They are to prepare you for top ranking. Have they got you disheartened? Don’t worry. You still got WEEKS to the HSC and you can still get 50% of those marks!

We can get those marks up! Now is not the time to give up. You have not failed the HSC!!

Sure your marks might have dropped. You may have just scraped in but we can pull up those marks. This is the final term of school and you got so far so just a bit more study to get you over the hump.

Think of it. There’s two months almost left. Plenty time to study with a tutor’s help. You have only completed 50% of your mark which includes all your assessments and your trials are only a portion of that. Another 50% is from your HSC.

So your yearly marks are low and it will impact your final mark but you have a 50% chance of coming good.

So here are some ways to go forward… 1. Make the best of your opportunities by remembering there are many ways to get into University. Check out what you need to get into the university you want. What ATAR do you need? What prerequisite courses do you need? Do they offer a summer school for you to make up points in a subject you are struggling in? We can help you with study for that.

Sure you can chuck it all in and give up on your dreams but do you really want to do that? Of course not! This is the worst time ever to opt out. Make the most of where you are at during the period between the Trials and HSC exams.

2. Let’s make a plan. Write a list of all the things you need to do and focus on the subjects that you need the most marks in. Stop procrastinating and sitting there thinking about it. Get off the phone, off the games, off Facebook or the internet! It’s just a month or so and your future depends on this so get with the action. Out of your whole life you just got a couple of months to focus and get studying. Then a couple of months of holiday…remember.

So here’s what you need to do

1.Get some feedback on your trials. If school feedback is confusing or not enough our tutors will go through it with you.

2.Be clear in your Maths concepts and questions

3.Remember the cases from Legal Studies

4.Get those facts on History into your head

5.Finish up you English notes and essays

6.Remember to learn the equations and section for the multiple choice in Economics

7.Get clear on the areas of PDHPE

…and the list goes on for all the other subjects also.

Assessments are over it’s just the study now and reviewing and practicing, checking out past papers. We can help you with all that. Giving you the right feedback, the right notes to learn, marking your work and giving you feedback, helping you with ways to learn it and making sure you finish your exam paper so you don’t lose marks for nothing.

Our professionally trained tutors in all subjects can give you one to one help in your own home or online. Over 30 years of experience in Tutoring for all years, not just in the HSC. We start at Kindy and help students up to and including University level. We can inspire you to not give up, to get those marks! Just call us on 0426265386 or email us on today to get started!

Make the best of the next 8 weeks hey!


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