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Featured Staff​

Jenetta Haim is the owner and manager. She holds an extended major in English Literature, a double major in History and a Masters in Philosophy. Jenetta has been tutoring children and adults in both the mainstream education system and Community Education for over 15 years. Jenetta is also versed in Business Management as she runs her own clinic in Natural Health and is a published author. Jenetta will tutor your children in English, History, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics. She will also assist you to write proper essays, speeches as well as pass the English section of the IELTS test. Jenetta is contactable on 0414680713 to discuss registration for your child. This is also her clinic number. Please leave a message if it goes to message service and she will call you back to discuss your specific needs.















Dr. Rodrigo Roman is affiliated with the University of Sydney in the department of Environmental Science. He is a Marine Biologist with a Doctorate in Marine Ecology. He is accredited for teaching in NSW schools. He is highly skilled in Mathematics, the Sciences and specifically Biology, Chemistry and teaching you to handle and understand depth studies. He can assist children and University students to understand Maths and the Sciences even at difficult levels.Rodrigo is also contactable on 0414680713.

Lisa Li holds an extended major in Mandarin Literature, a double major in Bachelor of Medicine and a postgraduate in Psychology from China and Graduate Diploma in Public health and family counselling from Australia. Lisa has been tutoring children and adults in both the mainstream education system and Community Education in China for over 8 years so she comes to us as a Master in Mandarin. Lisa is also versed in handling children with learning difficulties and runs a school in China. She is a published author in Mandarin. Lisa will tutor your children in Mandarin. She will also assist you to write proper essays, speeches as well as pass the Chinese exams. Lisa is also contactable on 0414680713.

Rose Pender is a recently graduate highschool student. Her year 12 studies involved an intense study of literature and writing skilled subjects like Extension 2 English, 2U Studies of Religion, Drama and Ancient History. Her major works were derived from her passion for helping people, leading her to immerse herself in both local and international assistance projects. Being so involved in the system Rose has an intense grasp of the school curriculum, as well as a desire to help people improve their lives. Rose has the ability to provide quality tutoring for your child up to HSC levels. Rose can be contacted on 0414680713. 

Sheron Mani is an experienced Primary school teacher and works with children from Kindergarten to Year 7. She also tutors in General Maths up to Year 9. Her experience extends over a vast range of O.C and Selective education tutoring. Sheron can be contacted on 0414680713.

Arthur Ashley is an experienced professional teacher and tutor for many years now. He has expert experience in both primary and high school levels and is known for his patience in teaching your child in those difficult moments when they are stuck and can't comprehend the subject matter. Arthur has an amazing way of bringing that into simple explanations with his patience, expertise and understanding. Arthur can be contacted on 0414680713

Jenetta Haim
Rodrigo Roman
Students Highschool HSC Primary IELTS

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In The




Roza - Offer (2018)    Law/Commerce Macquarie Uni, ATAR 91, 2 Band increase improvement from Term 1! & Extension English great mark!


Aidan - Maths HSC 94.6%


Liza - HSC - 2 band 6 and 1 band 5! What a great improvement! (2018)

Katarina - HSC entry offer to Primary School Teaching! (2018)

Yuka on the wonderful marks this year in attaining your University Doctorate! (2017)

Mariam: For great marks in HSC recent trials and for coming 6th in 4 unit English major work - August 2017 and for the great 95.1% Atar!! (2017)

Anna  on your great HSC pass in Maths 79.4%. (2017)


Josh on entry to UTS Engineering (2017)

Martin 86% ATAR and Band 5's (2017)

Shannen on your great marks in English, Maths and Physics in HSC! (2017)


Evren for English 87%/Maths 90% exams (2017)

Katarina & Kristina Maths 70 & 80% (2017)

Thanks Tahsin for the good wishes. Good to see you complete your HSC so well. (2017)

Nischai: Award in English Year 4 (2017)

Dylan - Top of the class - Maths - Year 10 April 2017

Ibrahim on your 100% Maths assignment

Dylan for your class improvement award


Jessica on going up two levels in 3 subjects

Nash: For getting your HSC! Good work man! December 2017

Kristina and Katarina for improvement in Maths - Year 11 - 2017 

Zena - English Advanced trials - great score! Year 12 - 2016


Patricia: 82.60 Entry UTS Public Communication /International Studies (Double degree)


Shan: 96.0 Aviation Flying/Engineering


December 2014

Emily: ATAR 82.20 UNSW Bachelor of Planning

December 2014


Shalin: 97.2 Accounting 

Nishan: 97.5 Law (Double degree)​

December, 2004


Homework study

​Our Areas - Face to face and online

Our Head office address is in the Western Suburbs in Greystanes Sydney but we cater to all of the Sydney area. We cater to the North Shore, as far west as Penrith, South to Cronulla and even the City.


Our tutors will either come to you or online. Give us a call today on 0414680713 to find out how we can help you get better marks in Primary School, pass your HSC or even those University exams. We even will edit your thesis.


National and international

We offer online sessions (Skype/Zoom) to all our students and we edit thesis and manuscripts both nationally and internationally. Call us NOW for a fast response. 

Our Students

Our students vary from Kindergarten, to high school to University Level and come from all walks of life. Over the years we have also edited several books, theses and manuscripts for Grade A students.

Our Commitment to you

  • No joining fees - ever


  • No ongoing booking fees for the term - ever


  • 100% program to cater to you and your child's needs


  • We will work in with the school curriculum


  • We will not overload your child with unnecessary homework


  • We will always give homework and study to help them prepare better for their schoolwork


  • We will give extra lessons if you need them for exams


  • We will correct and edit work via the internet if needed as extra classes when you need them


  • We will use textbooks and notes so you can follow the program your child is using also


  • We will report to you and tell you how your child is improving


  • We will help you edit your thesis or manuscript in a timely, professional manner


  • We will give you quality service for your dollar

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