HSC Top Awards - Congratulations!

Congratulations Aiden Band 6 for a job well done!

Aiden says: Would definitely recommend, very helpful and patient. (2018)

Thanks for the testimonial Aiden and your what a great

mark of Maths HSC 94.6%. Good luck with your career.

Congratulations Gab on your marks in the HSC and getting in to the subjects you wanted. Thanks for the testimonial. (2018)

Gab says: “Thanks to the help of my amazing tutor Rodrigo I was able to pass, increase my marks, and achieve my required result to get into my course for uni! Thanks Rodrigo you're the best!”

Congratulations Liza on your great HSC mark! 2 band 6 in the subjects that mattered. And for being accepted for your degree in psychology! (2018)

Liza says: Thank you so much Jenetta for teaching me how to write the essays, without you I wouldn't be able to improve and learn new things. I really appreciate it!

Thanks Liza for your testimonial. I am sure you will do well in your career.

Congratulations Avneet on your excellent HSC mark! Great Maths mark! All your hard work paid off. (2019)

Avneet says on day of HSC Maths: Yes, thank you for the last two years. I couldn't have done todays exam withiout your help.

Congratulations Madeline & Melissa for your fantastic marks! Great work. Madeline 86.3 Atar and Melissa 84.3. Coming from the confusion you guys had in Maths and Chemistry when I first met you that is a fantastic mark. (2019)

Melissa say:Thank you for teaching us and supporting us throughout Year 12. Could not have gotten these marks without you.


Madeline and Melissa said in their card before the exam when they gave Rodrigo a gift as a token of thanks : We just want to thank you for all your hard work! You are a very smart and valuable person. We hope to make you proud. 



Josie (a mum) Thank you Jenetta. Hard work paid off with a great acknowledgement from our industry body well deserved for all our staff. As for a wedding, we are very blessed to have been able to share such a wonderful occasion with M and C. Thank you for all the time you spent with all my kids, and yes if your wondering, M wrote a beautiful speech and delivered it very well , and also heartfelt vowels

Phoebe 100% in examination. Congratulations!

Geoff (dad) says: Thank you for tutoring Phoebe and giving her both knowledge and confidence to complete her course. Phoebe has enjoyed having you teach her. Phoebe will be in touch and let you know how she progresses with her career path. Many thanks again. Regards

Roza - Offer (2018)    Law/Commerce

​Macquarie Uni, ATAR 91, 2 Band increase improvement from Term 1!

Extension English great mark!


Liza - HSC - 2 band 6 and 1 band 5! What a great improvement! (2018)

Katarina - HSC entry offer to Primary School Teaching! (2018)


Yuka on the wonderful marks this year in attaining your University Doctorate! (2017)

Mariam: For great marks in HSC recent trials and for coming 6th in 4 unit English major work - August 2017 and for the great 95.1% Atar!! (2017)

Anna  on your great HSC pass in Maths 79.4%. (2017)

Josh on entry to UTS Engineering (2017)

Martin 86% ATAR and Band 5's (2017)

Shannen on your great marks in English, Maths and Physics in HSC! (2017)

Evren for English 87%/Maths 90% exams (2017)

Katarina & Kristina Maths 70 & 80% (2017)

Tahsin -Thanks for the good wishes. Good to see you complete your HSC so well. (2017)

Nischai: Award in English Year 4 (2017)

Dylan - Top of the class - Maths - Year 10 April 2017

Ibrahim on your 100% Maths assignment

Dylan for your class improvement award

Jessica on going up two levels in 3 subjects

Nash: For getting your HSC! Good work man! December 2017​

Kristina and Katarina for improvement in Maths - Year 11 - 2017 


Zena - English Advanced trials - great score! Year 12 - 2016


Patricia: 82.60 Entry UTS Public Communication /International Studies (Double degree)

Shan: 96.0 Aviation Flying/Engineering


December 2014​

Emily: ATAR 82.20 UNSW Bachelor of Planning

December 2014


Shalin: 97.2 Accounting 

Nishan: 97.5 Law (Double degree)​ December, 2004

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