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When you write your document you are focused on getting the meaning across. You are focused on conveying the bigger picture and making sure your reader understands your ideas and connects with them. You are also focused on creating a flow of ideas, connecting one idea to the other. That is really good and essential for your work.

However, it also means that when you are reading over your own work, your mind will perhaps fill in missing ideas on its own and leave out the words, and the preciseness of language, that conveys the proper meaning. You know the meaning, so your mind automatically fills it in, without noticing if something is missing.

It is so simple to make the easiest of mistakes and not notice. So you need a fresh set of professionally trained eyes to go over your work. We are your first audience. The editor and proof reader are the first people who can say with clarity that your writing makes sense. They can bring into your writing the level of language you need to cater to your specific audience, as well as include the techniques for it to be a professional piece of work.


If you don’t edit and proofread your work you could make a huge error before you print of submit, which could cost you not only in money but sometimes in reputation and cause you an embarrassment. Imagine if you submitted a 500 page document with your main argument accidentally written in reverse because, whilst you knew what you meant, you didn’t bother to run it by someone for accuracy. It could cost you a lot dollar wise and career wise. If it’s a university paper it could bring you a fail mark. Our function as editors and proof readers is to find all those errors and correct them.


Editors and proof-readers at Tutoring Services Sydney are professionally trained to be detail-orientated. We will remember how you spelt your technical jargon and we will make sure it is spelt correctly throughout. We will increase the level of the language in your paper or document to convey the precise meaning of what you need to say, and we will refer to you for clarity if there is doubt.


We work on building a close relationship with the author to ensure you present a document of the finest quality. We have skilled professionals who will remember parts of your document to recall if you are contravening something you said in a previous argument, giving your document continued sensibility and flow. We make sure, for example, that if you refer to ‘the’ mountain that later on in your thesis you do not refer to ‘a’ mountain if you mean a precise mountain.


We are the experts in grammar, spelling and language skills. We know precisely all the grammar rules and how to use them. We know how much of a huge difference that makes to what you are saying. All that tweaking will really create a masterpiece for you.


Of course, you would have used spelling and grammar checking before you give your document to us, but have you noticed that sometimes those can be wrong? A great example is when they don’t distinguish between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and put the wrong one in and that would duplicate right through your document.


Nothing can replace the keen eye of our editor and proof reader who can decide which is the most appropriate word in that final sentence to make the point to your intended audience. They can cater specifically to your style, presentation and brand.


So do you have a presentation that you want to be perfect? A thesis to submit? A book to publish? A research paper to publish, or even an assessment to hand in at school? Whatever your needs we can give you a perfect presentation that will really make all your hard work count.


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Editing and proofreading is one of the most important actions we perform for you before you submit an assessment, document, research paper or thesis, because when you become immersed in your work, you are unable to see your own errors. That’s why you need us.


Proofreading requires an ability to spend countless hours with the computer, fixed on every word, reviewing technical information. You are already too close to your work to look at it objectively. Also you understand too much about your work to be the correct audience to understand from a fresh look, whether or not you have communicated your ideas correctly.


Our editing involves analysing and lifting the quality of your writing without compromising your intended meaning. We then proofread to carefully check for errors before you publish or share it. We focus on fixing your spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, typos, formatting issues and any other inconsistencies. This is the final step in any writing process.

The Importance of editing and proofreading

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