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  • You have professional tutors to assist with your weaknesses

  • We give individualised attention in small, specifically tailored classes

  • We prepare you in the top three subjects of English, Science and Maths

  • We offer all the other subjects also

  • We improve your reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, understanding of how to multiply, divide etc for the younger children

  • We teach you to write good creatives and essays for the older students 

  • We teach you to analyse questions and write good introductions and conclusions 

  • We help you to ace it in depth studies, geometric applications of differentiation, calculus, genetic change, organic chemistry etc for the HSC

  • All our programs follow the NSW School Curriculum. We will   help your children with everything from homework,help unravel that Math's problem, to writing that essay.

  • We will  edit work.

  • We will help them study for exams, prepare for tests and even to make a proper study timetable. 


We will not do your child's work for them. We will teach them how to do it for themselves.


There is no benefit in YOU the parent or us doing the work for the children. They are the ones that must do the exam and no matter how good the assignments are if they don't know the work they will not pass. 


So it is our policy to make your children independent to be able to hold their own in the classroom and later in the academic world. 


We need your help for this. We need you to make sure that they DO the homework we set them. We need you to tell us in advance when the tests are coming and to have a handle on what your child is doing in school. If you can turn off the internet and the TV until they have done our work then we will do the rest.

We reserve the right to refuse service if we discern that any of our office staff or tutors are in any danger of abuse, derogatory language or made to feel intimidated in any situations either face to face or in an online capacity. Just as we assure you that our tutors are safe for your children we expect that same reciprocal support.



We are also able to provide your children with assistance in times of stress. We offer ways to teach your children to overcome exam nerves, anxiety due to assessments and study, effects of bullying and low self esteem. We work hand in hand with a natural therapies clinic to teach your child ways to relax, increase their focus and overcome disorganisation and lack of discipline with their studies.

Jenetta Haim is a fully qualified practitioner in natural therapies and has worked for decades in the industry. Her clinic in Greystanes deals with children with diagnosed ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties, autism, Aspergers, anxiety, stress, depression and other issues. Jenetta is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, counselor, hypnotherapist and teacher in meditation and relaxation. She works with adults and children in a co-operative, collaborative atmosphere to create better communication and social skills in children and between children and their parents, and teachers. Jenetta is also able to test your child for food sensitivities and provide assistance on diet and nutrition, as well as ways to naturally increase your child's memory and focus. For further information go to

Academic Enrichment


All subjects - all levels. 



Our tutors have a proven record of getting you not only to pass but to pass well - first time. 


University, Editing & Proofreading

Thesis editing, essays, editing of one off literary works


School Holiday Programs

To help your child to catch up between terms 


Special HSC Education Seminars

Just when you need those extra classes. In the break before the trials and before the HSC. Get the last minute tips on how to make the grade. 

Primary school and high school achivers
Students help
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