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An important notice for all children, teenagers…and in some cases adults

Good manners with tutors, increase social skills
Children and adults are losing their manners

Often in our experience as tutors and dealing with children we have found there is a lot lacking in knowledge of social skills of our younger generation. Often also they are not even aware of what is expected of them. It is important that children develop good social skills because it will assist them in their career environment when they get older. It will also affect their image and how other people view them. In turn it will help with their self-confidence. To remedy this we have come up with a list of questions and answers they can learn to ensure they are treated properly both as youngsters and adults. A list to improve their social skills and communication. Please take the opportunity to discuss these with your young children and teenagers:

1. What do you do when someone visits your house?

Open the door and say, ‘Hi, good to see you, how are you?’ and invite them in.

2. What do you do when someone comes into the room and says ‘how are you?’

Reply, ‘I’m fine thank you, how are you?’ and then you wait for an answer to discuss further if needed

3. What do you do when someone gives you something

Say ‘Thank you’

4. What do you do when you ask for something

Say ‘please’

5. What do you do when someone says thank you to you for something – say, ‘Oh you are most welcome, no worries’

6. What do you do when you see a job you like?

Reply immediately and send your CV with a cover letter. Make sure you ring a few days later to inquire

if they got your email. You know they got it the idea is to bring yourself to their attention and show them how keen you are. It will help you towards perhaps getting an interview.

7. What do you do when someone gives you an offer of an interview?

Reply immediately, thank them for considering you and go to the interview the time and day they want even if you had other plans. You cancel your other plans. The boss does not need to fit your appointment times. You have to fit theirs – or miss out on getting the job.

8. What do you do when someone calls you and leaves a message or voice message?

Ring them back urgently. Apologise for missing their call and find out what they wanted.

9. What do you do when someone texts you?

Text them back always ASAP to let them know you got the message

10. What do you do when someone offers you a job and you don’t have one, even if it’s not quite the job you want?

Take the offer as you don’t know where it could lead to later. Sound enthusiastic and say thank you. Make sure you turn up on time.

11. What do you do when you have to change a time or break an appointment?

Ring as soon as you know you can’t make it and apologise. Make sure you give the other party plenty of notice. Don’t send a text. It’s rude. Have the courtesy to make the phone call.

12. What do you do when you finish a phone call for business or someone older than you, or even a colleague?

Say, ‘thank you for your time, it’s much appreciated’ before you say goodbye.

13. What do you say when you enter a room and an adult or teacher or business colleague enters the room?

Hi, how are you – and you smile.

14. What do you say when the lesson has ended or the business meeting has ended.

OK. Thank you, I’ll look forward to seeing you next time. Bye.

15. What do you do if you are sitting on a bus or train and an older person comes in?

Stand up and offer them the seat. Also if someone older or senior to you at work walks into the room. Offer them your seat if there are not enough seats to go round.

16. What do you do if something falls on the floor in a shop where you are shopping?

Pick it up

17. What do you do if you are about to walk through a door and so is someone older than you?

Open the door for them and let them go through first

18. What do you do if someone is talking to you?

Wait til they finish talking to answer. Wait til they finish talking before you leave the room and don’t interrupt them.

Always remember to treat people the way you would want them to treat you, to be polite and you will earn a good reputation and respect of the people around you.

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